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Originally from New York, Schuyler traded gray winters for the celestial blue skies of Los Angeles, years ago, and never looked back. Descended from a long line of female artists, Schuyler has studied with Ann Bridges, Siri France, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University. Her work has been featured in gallery shows in California and online; as well as hanging in the homes of private collectors.


It's Schuyler!

As someone with ADHD, Schuyler Kent knows more than most what it’s like to be in constant motion, with myriad ideas and needs fighting for the spotlight at all times. The primary goal of her oil, gouache and encaustic wax paintings is to pause the frenetic pace at which the world—and her brain—moves. Schuyler’s art compels us to stop, be present and reflect, even if only for a moment, before the human “race” inevitably resumes.

a note from the artist...

    I usually create my art on black paper or a dark or black-primed surface. With a black surface, I have more clarity and understanding of the painting’s subject. Like a photographic negative, it’s how my brain sees the world; as if the painting is a secret and I choose what parts to reveal. In many of my completed works, you will notice some of the black surface bleeding through the paint—-like the darkness which lurks below the façade of everyday life. Despite my art works’ "murky" beginnings, I consider myself an optimist, using my paintbrush to seek out the light hidden in the dark. 

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